KinetX Aerospace was created in 1992 as a Systems Engineering company by seven engineers armed with decades of aerospace expertise and a vision to leverage their innovative approach to developing software for satellite ground station operations along with fresh ideas for building a flexible, creative company.  Their plan and collective efforts produced KinetX Aerospace, Inc., one of the Phoenix area’s most talented aerospace and information systems companies.

In their first major effort, Motorola approached KinetX Aerospace for assistance in developing and implementing the IRIDIUM ground system.  Over the next few years, KinetX Aerospace’ role in the IRIDIUM satellite communication system expanded to include software integration and test, software development, hardware development, and constellation operations.  KinetX Aerospace soon began engineering support and software development for companies like Lockheed-Martin, Boeing, General Dynamics, Aerojet, Spectrum Astro and TRW.

Through the years, KinetX Aerospace engineers continued to support a wide variety of projects with prime contractors.  This has produced steady growth, both in terms of personnel and sales, while realizing multi-million dollar revenue annually since 1994.

KinetX Aerospace has earned a first-rate reputation for providing innovative engineering, software, and hardware solutions for a wide variety of industries, including aerospace, telecommunications, space navigation, and data analytics.  Our technical edge combined with our small-business focus and flexibility has resulted in long lasting successful relationships with our customers.

In 2001 KinetX Aerospace set out to recruit some highly talented engineering resources to expand the business capabilities.KinetX was successful in strategically hiring a few key resources that were working for NASA entities and looking for a challenge and a small organization to help grow the space side of the business.KinetX investment in these resources has paid off tremendously as they were able to guide KinetX on a path to becoming currently the only commercial company certified by NASA for deep space navigation services.Over the years this team created what has become the most successful undertakings that the company has ever traversed. Today the Spacecraft and Flight Dynamics (SNAFD) team is led by those same resources who have navigated spacecraft on complex missions such as MESSENGER to Mercury, New Horizons to Pluto and the Kuiper Belt, OSIRIS REx asteroid sample return mission, and others.