KinetX Aerospace — Providing Visionary, Highly Prized Engineering in Support of Space- and Earth-Based Endeavors



Company Overview

KinetX Aerospace, Inc. is an innovative engineering, technology, software development and business consulting firm providing complete systems solutions.  Specializing in aerospace systems, our engineers have an established track record of applying and integrating business applications that operate on the forefront of technology.  With a well-earned reputation for efficient problem solving, KinetX Aerospace has consistently increased client revenue, reduced costs, and accelerated timelines.  KinetX Aerospace, Inc., a privately held company, has achieved significant growth and recognition in the engineering marketplace.  We have maintained an aggressively planned annual growth rate, based on the strategy that we continue to provide engineering technology while pursuing product solutions that leverage our existing expertise.

KinetX Aerospace is well poised for even more growth.  Most recently we have broadened our business direction, scope and capabilities by forming strategic relationships with key partners and vendors.  In addition, we continue to build on the original goal of being a flexible, innovative company focused on what it does best — solve engineering challenges.  The company headquarters is currently located in Tempe, AZ with additional offices in Simi Valley, CA and other employees located in Colorado and Virginia.

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